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Unit 5

Prince of Wales Business Park

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Telephone:  01484 629935

Bespoke Training
We provide a full induction, and training that is bespoke to the individual
Career Development Opportunities
As a developing organisation we always look to create pathways for people to develop careers (should you wish)
Full Support and Supervision
We recognise that sometimes care and support can be challenging - we are here to support and we get to now you, so we know how best to support you as an individual
Flexible Work Patterns
We recognise that the ability to have flexible work patterns can be important, and therefore we match you to the clients with a view to providing you with the work that you need
Client Matching
It is important to you and the person you are supporting that there is a compatibility match, we undertake specific tests to ensure that personalities match and that you enjoy providing the support, as much as the person receiving the support appreciates you
Employee Assistance Programme
We know that working in Care and Support can be challenging, so we operate an Employee Assistance Scheme that supports all of our employees from day one, this includes counselling and covers topics such as mental health, money, legal, family matters
Employee Discount Scheme
We provide an employee discount scheme, for discounts on every day items including petrol and shopping, but also discounts on days out and holidays and much more!

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Why Join our Team?

Meet David
"I have worked for CJP for over 13 years and I am dead proud of the fact that every single person I have supported has gained something new from me, be it confidence, self-belief or just happy memories of the times we have spent together"
Meet Chris
"I think the fact that as staff we are heard and considered. When we bring something to management it feels like Clair is listening and takes action. Also that we are given plenty of space to get on with our job"
Meet Billy
"They say If you love what your doing, you never have to work a day in your life. . . That Is so true working for CJP"
Meet Sarah
"Care work is not easy and go in with an open mind. Always have other people's best interest at heart. Also it takes a lot of patience but it is incredibly rewarding when you work for the right company".
Meet Paul
"I have worked in Health and Social Care for over 14 years, and I have been with CJP for 9 years and my most memorable experience was supporting someone to attend a stag do!"
Meet Dominika
"A supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable being themselves"
Meet James
"Communication, friendly management, inclusive, open to suggestions and thoughts, nice team of individuals!"
Meet Liz
"My experience with Procurae has been really positive. They are supportive and really care about those we support and offering quality support. As a manager I have been fortunate to have team leaders who are dedicated and motivated to constantly improve the services we offer"
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Meet Kayla
Knowing that if I have any issues I can approach management. Twice I've received surprises through the post thanking me for my continued hard work. It's nice to feel appreciated.
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